ECL. Sub Contract assembly of all your requirements for wire cutting and machine or hand crimping

Machine & Hand Crimping

Single conductors with spade, receptacle or ring terminals, either individual or in a wiring loom, are everyday requirements in any piece of electronic equipment. However, due to relatively small usage, many companies fit these terminals by hand. At ECL our investment in semi-automatic presses and adapters enable we fit this type of terminals in the most cost effective way possible. In addition, bear in mind that an automatic crimp, properly set up, is more consistent than any hand crimp can ever be, no matter how skilled the operator.  However there is a place in cable and wire termination for hand crimping where prototypes and low production quantities are required, at ECL hand crimps are visually inspected and pull tests ensure the best quality operation is achieved. Using ECL for your sub contract crimping requirements can save you time and  reduce your overall costs.


If your company has a requirement for Machine or hand crimping, then give ECL a ring on 01283 535534 or please send your drawings / specifications to