Electrical components Ltd UK Manufacturer of IDC Ribbon Cable Assemblies suppied to your requirements 100% tested with a quick turnaround ISO 9001

 IDC Ribbon Cable

Electrical Components Ltd has the capability & tooling to manufacture most forms of IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector ) Ribbon Cable assemblies. The IDC flat ribbon cable connector system provides a modular approach to electrical interconnection. The modular design of IDC headers, sockets, etc. offers a very reliable mass termination and cost effective approach to interconnecting PCBs, or wire-to-board,separable header/socket or dual-in-line applications, outstanding features are high contact reliability, long life and low contact resistance. IDC Ribbon Cables can be manufactured in many sizes the most popular being 10, 16, 26 and 34 way  All our IDC Ribbon Cable assemblies are 100% tested for continuity and crossover using our electronic testers.

IDC Ribbon Cable assemblies can be supplied in standard grey and rainbow coloured, it can be supplied in twisted pair or screened versions at lengths to your are given to customers,requirements with a quick turnaround, whilst most IDC Ribbon Cable is flat, round format versions are also available, this style can also be supplied screened. 

If your company has a requirement for IDC Ribbon Cable assemblies, then give ECL a ring on 01283 535534 or send your drawings / specifications to sales@eleccomp.co.uk